On Thu, Sep 22, 2016 at 09:40:51PM +0200, Donovan Watteau wrote:
> I have a PowerMac11,2, which is a G5 that doesn't have AGP, only
> PCIe.
> At the moment, it only has an NVIDIA GeForce 6600, and so X only
> uses wsfb(4), and that's in monochrome.  But I'd like to do more
> macppc testing.
> Does anyone know which videocard is known to work at the moment
> on a PowerMac11,2?  AGP cards seem like out of the equation,
> and I need a card which accepts a Mac firmware.  It looks like
> an ATI X1900 GT could work, but if anyone knows whether it
> really does, that would be helpful.

In case you get replies off list, I am also interested in the answer to
this question. I am working on acquiring a PowerMac11,2 now to go with
the PowerMac7,2 I was given recently. I bought a Radeon 9650 Pro for the
PowerMac7,2 since it has an NVIDIA FX 5200 but have not had a chance to
get it up and running yet. I would suspect that the X1900 GT would work
fine and I will purchase one and test even if no one can confirm.


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