Mon 02/03/09 10:44 - Strike action is underway
at the Post Office. The postal workers unions are protesting against a
restructuring operation at the Post Office. 
The industrial action is expected to last for three days and is impacting on 
the service.

The unions believe that the management is seizing the European
liberalisation of postal services as an excuse to contract out some
services. Postal workers say that they will no longer be able to do
their job to its full potential. 
fear that the Post Office will contract out the delivery of mail and
newspapers and that this work will be done by people for who this is
merely a sideline, a way of earning some extra cash.

Albert Vanden Eynde of the socialist union says that such a development
would mean the demise of the job of postman as we have known it for

The unions also feel that too much government attention is going to
financial and industrial businesses and that not enough is being paid
to public service businesses.

Most postal workers have joined the strike.  Probably you will find less mail 
in your letter box today.

Postal workers are also staging a demonstration on Monday. On Tuesday
and Wednesday the action is expected to hit distribution and transport. 


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