Vacature 32/066-2e 
Within the Biomedical Research Institute of  Hasselt University, the following 
positions (m/f) are available for:
PhD-students (2x2 years)

Job description
With a staff of 80 researchers, clinicians and technicians, the  Biomedical 
Research Institute (BIOMED) of Hasselt University focuses on  preclinical (in 
vitro, animal studies) and clinical projects gathered  around three main 
research topics:
        * Immunology: auto-immune disease mechanisms and markers. 
(mandates MBW/2009/004, 005 and MBW/2008/021-HO)
        * Neurobiology: neuroprotection and repair strategies in  
neurodegenerative, neuro-inflammatory and excitability disorders. 
(mandates MBW/2009/006 and 007)
        * Biosensors: genetic engineering of cellular surface receptors and  
downstream signal pathways; molecular design of new affinity molecules  using 
nanobiotechnology tools. (mandates MBW/2009/008 and 009)
        * Our skills include: immune and neural cell phenotypic and functional  
analysis, flow-cytometry and cell sorting, ELISA, routine molecular  biology, 
phage display technology, proteomics, immunofluorescence /  electron microscopy 
/ confocal microscopy and related advanced  microfluorimetric techniques, 
cellular and molecular physiology  including patch-clamp on slices, MRI and 
animal models (e.g. EAE).

BIOMED also actively participates in EURON (, a  European 
Graduate School of Neuroscience that offers a coherent,  multidisciplinary 
research training program for master and PhD students  who bridge the gap 
between fundamental and applied neuroscience. BIOMED  is also involved in 
various research networks at national and  international levels (e.g. NEURONET, 
Research at BIOMED also means working in a young, motivated,  multidisciplinary 
and international environment.

To apply for a PhD position, the applicant should hold a master  degree in life 
sciences (e.g. biomedical sciences, medical sciences,  bioengineering, 
veterinary sciences, biochemistry, biology,  biotechnology). Laboratory 
research experience is a definitive plus  (e.g. during the Master’s 
        * For positions related to Biosensors also  candidates with a master 
degree in physics, chemistry and  engineering can apply.
        * Applicants should have excellent  communication skills and a good 
knowledge of Dutch and/or English.  Students in the final master year can also 
Further information 
        * Content job responsibilities: 
        * Immunologie
        * mandate MBW/2009/004: 
        * prof. dr. Niels Hellings, +32 11 26 92 68, 
        * prof. dr. Piet Stinissen, +32 11 26 92 04, 
        * mandate MBW/2009/005: 
        * prof. dr. Sven Hendrix, +32 11 26 85 05, 
        * mandate MBW/2008/021-HO:
        * prof. dr. Veerle Somers, +32 11 26 92 02, 
        * prof. dr. Piet Stinissen, +32 11 26 92 04, 
        * Neurobiologie
        * mandate MBW/2009/006: prof. dr.  Jean-Michel Rigo, +32 11 26 92 36, 
        * mandate MBW/2009/007: prof. dr. Niels  Hellings, +32 11 26 92 68, 
        * Biosensoren
        * mandate MBW/2009/008: prof. dr. Luc  Michiels, +32 11 26 92 31, 
        * mandate MBW/2009/009:
        * prof. dr. Luc Michiels, +32 11 26 92 31, 
        * prof. dr. Patrick Wagner, +32 11 26 88 95, 
        * Content terms of employment and selection  procedure: Jef Vanvoorden, 
011-26 80 80, 
Applicants must use the official application forms 
        * which are available at the Rectoraat of Hasselt University, Campus 
Diepenbeek, Agoralaan -  building D, B-3590 Diepenbeek (Belgium), phone +32 - 
11 - 26 80 03 
        * or which can be downloaded here pdf-file / Word format. 
The completed application forms must reach the above mentioned  address no 
later than Friday, April 17th 2009.
Application by e-mail will only be taken into consideration when sent to the 
following address:


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