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80beats: Quantum Physicist Wins $1.4M Templeton Prize For Work on “Veiled 

80beats: Physicists Get Another Clue in the Hunt for the Higgs Boson Particle 

Cosmic Variance: Closing in on the Higgs Boson03.13.2009 

Discoblog: A Life-Saving Slime? Military Has Eyes On Bullet-Proof Gel03.03.2009 

The Man Who Found Quarks and Made Sense of the Universe03.17.2009 Murray 
Gell-Mann had a smash success with particles, notorious dustups with Feynman, 
and a missed opportunity with Einstein. 

20 Things You Didn't Know About... TimeThe beginning, the end, and the funny 
habits of our favorite ticking force. 03.12.2009 

Metamaterial Revolution: The New Science of Making Anything DisappearEngineers 
are working with metamaterials to create super-microscopes, optical computers, 
and yes, invisibility cloaks. 03.10.2009 

The Kilogram Isn't What It Used to Be—It's LighterWithin a high-security, 
climate-controlled vault in France, the perfect kilogram is getting ever so 
slightly less massive—and no one knows why. 03.08.2009 


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