Within the research Group Theoretical Chemistry  of Hasselt University, the 
following position (m/f) is available:

PhD Theoretical Chemistry / Chemical Physics (2x2 years)
(mandate SBG/2009/001)

Job description
The candidate will prepare a PhD thesis within the framework of a  project 
entitled "From orbital imaging to molecular quantum similarity  in momentum 
space" (financial support by the Fund for scientific  Research _ Flanders and 
the University of Hasselt). The first goal of  the project is to develop and 
apply theoretical methods for quantitative  interpretations of advanced 
“orbital imaging” experiments employing  Electron Momentum Spectroscopy (EMS), 
taking into into account  conformational mobility as well as electron 
correlation and relaxation -  EMS is a powerful technique which enables 
straightforward determinations  of orbital momentum densities from an angular 
analysis of  electron-impact ionization & scattering cross-sections. A second 
aspect  of the project pertains to the calculation from these densities of new  
criteria of molecular similarity, of relevance for the pharmaceutical  
industry, and of efficient descriptors of the chemical
 reactivity, in  collaboration with the division of quantum chemistry at the 
University  of Ghent (Prof. P. Bultinck). This proposed research project is a  
continuation of a PhD thesis that has been awarded by the International  Union 
of Pure and Applied Chemists. 

Academic license (4 years), master (5 years) of equivalent diploma (bvb.  DEA) 
in chemistry, physics, or materials sciences, or civil engineering  in 
chemistry, physics, or materials sciences. Students who will complete  their 
study this year can also apply. 

Scholarship for a PhD in Theoretical Chemistry / Chemical Physics within  the 
research group of Michael S. Deleuze (awards by the World  Association of 
Theoretically Oriented Chemists and by the Royal Flemisch  Academy of Belgium 
for Sciences and Arts). The scholarship is available  for a period of 4 years. 
It consists of a first appointment of 2 years,  followed by a prolongation of 2 
years unless negative evaluation of the  first period. The scholarship is 
subject to social security. Important  computer facilities and a supporting 
research environment are available  for the candidate (for more information on 
our research activities,  visit our website: http://www.uhasselt.be/theochem).

Further information 
        * Content job responsibilities: prof. dr.  Michael S. Deleuze, 
+32-11-26 83 03, michael.dele...@uhasselt.be 
        * Content terms of employment and selection  procedure: Jef Vanvoorden, 
011-26 80 80, jef.vanvoor...@uhasselt.be 
Applicants must use the official application forms 
        * which are available at the Rectoraat of Hasselt University, Campus 
Diepenbeek, Agoralaan -  building D, B-3590 Diepenbeek (Belgium), phone +32 - 
11 - 26 80 03 
        * or which can be downloaded here pdf-file / Word format. 
The completed application forms must reach the above mentioned  address no 
later than Wednesday, July 1st 2009.
Application by e-mail will only be taken into consideration when sent to the 
following address: j...@uhasselt.be.


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