LICOS - Centre for Institutions and Economic Performance at the Faculty of 
Business and Economics, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, is seeking to appoint a 
PhD student/Research Assistant for 4 years as of Fall 2009, to support current 
research on Food Policy, Development and related fields. Field work in any of 
the geographic regions of focus (Eastern Europe, China, India, Africa) is 
possible. The supervisor of the project is Prof. J. Swinnen, Director of LICOS.

Selection Criteria
·         University degree in economics or applied economics, preferably at 
MPhil level
·         Strong analytic and technical capabilities in modern economic methods
·         Proficiency in statistical and econometric methods
·         Interest in developing collaborative research within the research 
·         A GRE test will be required for admission
·         Fluency in spoken and written English (a TOEFL or IELTS test will be 
required for non-native speakers)

LICOS is a research centre of Excellence at the Faculty of Business and 
Economics that focuses on theoretical and empirical research of macro- and 
micro-economic aspects of transition, institutional changes and economic 
performance. LICOS belongs to the 12 “Centres of Excellence” of K.U. Leuven. 
The research at LICOS is organized around four main research themes, each under 
the auspices of a Research Director:
Development and Food Policy (Prof. J. Swinnen)
Labour Markets and Industrial Restructuring (Prof. J. Konings)
Market Structure and Performance (Prof. P. Van Cayseele)
International Trade and Fiscal Policy (Prof. Hylke Vandenbussche)
(for more info: www.econ.kuleuven. be/licos/ )

PhD Program at the Faculty
The research project will allow the student to simultaneously pursue a PhD in 
(Applied) Economics. The University of Leuven (KUL) has an extensive Ph.D. 
program: about 160 researchers are currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Applied 
Economics/Business studies or PhD in Economics. Usually, a PhD program takes 4 
years, with the first year including important course work in advanced 
(for more info: www.econ.kuleuven. be/lsbe )

How to Apply
Candidates must send their curriculum vitae, together with a statement 
outlining expression of interest in the position, to conny.schuurmans@ 
econ.kuleuven. be . There is no application form. Applications must reach us no 
later than 15 April 2009.



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