PhD student (2x2 years) in charge transfer in semiconducting polymer / CVD diamond heterostructures
(mandate WNI/2009/002)

Job description
The PhD student will conduct research within the BOF-project “Formation and charge transfer mechanism in semiconducting polymer / CVD diamond heterostructures – POLYDIAM”. In collaboration between different research groups of the Institute for Materials Research (IMO), various small molecules and conducting oligomers/polymers will be combined with CVD diamond films to form heterostructures. The candidate will focus on chemical bonding procedures, developing photo and electrochemical coupling procedures of short chain molecules to diamond surfaces. He/she will perform morphological and structural characterisation of the formed heterostructures, followed by a thorough electronic and optoelectronic characterisation using highly sensitive techniques studying the charge transfer mechanism present in said structures. The nature of the project is highly cross-disciplinary and requires a candidate with good communication skills and a keen interest in team work.

Master degree (or equivalent) in physics, chemistry, engineering or materials science. A background in any of the fields mentioned in the job description will be considered a plus. Students who will obtain their diploma at the end of this academic year, are also invited to apply.

The appointment has a duration of 2x2 years (assessment after 2 years).

Further information

Applicants must use the official application forms

  • which are available at the Rectoraat of Hasselt University, Campus Diepenbeek, Agoralaan - building D, B-3590 Diepenbeek (Belgium), phone +32 - 11 - 26 80 03

  • or which can be downloaded here pdf-file / Word format.

The completed application forms must reach the above mentioned address no later than Wednesday, July 15th 2009.

Application by e-mail will only be taken into consideration when sent to the following address:

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