Theoretical Physics Utrecht University Graduate School of Natural Sciences 

The Institute for Theoretical Physics and the Spinoza Institute in Utrecht rank 
among the leading institutions in the world in the field of theoretical 
physics. The Utrecht Summer School in Theoretical Physics offers a blend of 
advanced undergraduate material in thermal and statistical physics, quantum 
mechanics and electrodynamics. A computer project is also part of the 
coursework for the Summer School. In addition there is a lecture series by 
Utrecht researchers on current topics in various fields of theoretical physics 
ranging from condensed matter to high-energy physics and quantum gravity. 

COURSE DIRECTOR:  Dr. Gleb Arutyunov 

Prof. Jan Ambjørn, Dr. Gleb Arutyunov, Prof. Gerard Barkema, Prof. Henk van 
Beijeren, Dr. Rembert Duine, Prof. Gerard 't Hooft, Prof. Renate Loll, Dr. 
Tomislav Prokopec, Prof. Cristiane de Morais Smith, Dr. René van Roij, Prof. 
Henk Stoof, Dr. Stefan Vandoren, Prof. Bernard de Wit, Dr. Frank Witte 

Advanced bachelors with a strong background in physics and mathematics as well 
as proficiency in English. The Summer School course provides an excellent 
preparation for entering a master in Theoretical Physics. Applicants should go 
through a selection procedure. (Maximum number of participants: 35) 

Refreshing and deepening the knowledge in core subjects of theoretical physics 
such as statistical physics, quantum mechanics and classical electrodynamics. 

PERIOD: 17-08-2009 - 28-08-2009 

CREDITS: 3.0 ECTS credits 

Applications should include:
- Letter of motivation,
- Curriculum vitae,
- Two letters of recommendation,
- Recent set of transcripts (marks/grades) (PDF or original transcript) in 
English, German, French (or in Dutch for Dutch students) 
• € 855 [Course + course materials + housing + deposit] 

A limited number of scholarships in the form of (partial) fee waivers and/or 
accommodation intended for talented students from developing countries is 
available. Talented students from other countries can also apply. There are no 
travel grants. If you seek financial support you should state your request (on 
a separate sheet) by describing the reasons for applying to this summer school 
and how your participation will assist you in future studies and your career. 
You should motivate your financial situation and other means you have available 
for financing your participation to this summer school. The applications for 
scholarships will undergo a selection procedure. Students accepted for a 
Master’s program of the Graduate School of Natural Sciences are exempted from 
paying the Summer School fee. To find information about the fees for Dutch 
students follow the link Info for Dutch students at 

INFORMATION AND REGISTRATION: www.utrechtsummerschool.nl 



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