he2 Bung Roil....
Soalnya gw dulu pernah susah nyari info beasiswa2 dan di kantor juga ditutup 
tutupin info2 spt itu..krn byk alasan: urut kacang lah..biar org2 tertentu yg 
pergi lah...takut bersaing lah dll....
So g mau kejadian yg sama terjadi sama org lain ...gw mau semua org punya 
informasi yg sama sehingga punya kesempatan yg sama pula dan bersaing dengan 
sehat....rezeki pan ude ada yg ngatur,.. bukan begitu penonton...?
Dan juga gw g bs kontribusi apa2 ke indo selain info2 ini..Biar semua rakyat 
indonesia bisa punye pengalaman sekolah ke LN yang nantinya bisa ade gunanya 
buat indonesia saat mereka (kalau) kembali...


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Salut bangets---

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from September 2009, the Institute
of Statistics of the Université catholique de Louvain,
Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium, is offering a series of full time teaching
assistant positions and one research assistant position for preparing a PhD
in statistics, as well asone
postdoctoral research position. 
Description of the positions
as of now, and until the application deadline (May 22, 2009), the Institute of 
Statistics(IS) is
filling 7 teaching and one research position for preparing a PhD and one
postdoctoral position.
As a
teaching assistant (up to 6 years’ contract with average monthly salary of
about 2600 Euros including social security) the doctoral student, besides
working on his/her thesis, is teaching tutorials in a variety of service and
master courses of the IS. 
As a research assistant (up to 4 years’
tax-free monthly grant of about 1500 Euros) the doctoral student’s main
activity is working on his/her thesis in the field of asymptotic theory for
semiparametric statistics, but he/she can be involved on a small scale into
some teaching activities of the IS.  
The postdoctoral position (1 year grant,
roughly 2000 Euros per month tax-free) is not linked to a specific domain but
can be in any of the fields connected to those represented by the researchers
at the IS.
Description of the working environment
The Institute of Statistics
is a renowned research centre of high international reputation which offers a
very stimulating working environment. It is equipped with modern computing
facilities, a statistics library, a vivid visitors’ programme and ample funding
for scientific travel. At the IS there are about 15-20 doctoral students working
under the supervision of 10 professors, in a variety of fields of 
methodological and applied statistics, including biostatistics
and actuarial sciences. They are integrated into the Graduate School in 
and Actuarial Scienceswhich offers them an up-to-date
training in their field via regular seminar series, short courses and
workshops, all in English and often given by international short and long-term
visitors. A high percentage of the PhD students graduate from the IS and
succeed in starting a promising career, be it in academia or industry.
The IS is part of a large international research network.
It has numerous academic contacts, including those to neighbouring fields
(medicine, agronomy, social science, economy, finance and engineering) as well
as collaborations with industry. It is placed in the heart of a modern, vivid
and international university
campus, in close proximity of Brussels
and its international airport, and in short travel distance to other European
Required qualifications
-    For
the PhD positions: degree on the master level in statistics, mathematics or
physics, bio-engineering, commercial or civil engineering, quantitative
economics, finance or actuarial sciences. This diploma must be obtained
with at least distinction or an equivalent grade.
-    For
the postdoc position: PhD in statistics or mathematics.
-    Good
active knowledge of French for the teaching assistant positions (however,
French is not a requirement for a research grant position).
To apply 
·       For
the teaching positions, please register and send the required documents
following the link http://www.uclouvain.be/11617 under the item : Assistant,  
as of now and at the very latest before May 22, 2009.
·       For
the research and postdoc position, please send the following documents to the
administrator of the IS, Isabelle Petit (isabelle.petit@ uclouvain. be) as of 
now and at the very latest before May 22, 2009:
-        a
letter of motivation (which can -  but
does not have to -  include a statement
of interest in one or several of the diverse fields of research at the IS)
-        a
curriculum vitae including a list of the relevant courses taken within a
qualifying progamme (including evaluation grades)
-        copy
of diplomas
-        two
letters of reference to be sent by e-mail directly by the referees
understand that only duly completed applications can be taken into account. 
Simultaneous applications (teaching and research position) are possible by 
stating so in your letter of motivation.
further information please contact Professor Ingrid Van Keilegom 
(ingrid.vankeilegom@ uclouvain. be)
and/or Professor Rainer von Sachs (r...@uclouvain. be).
information on the Institute of Statistics can be
obtained from http://www.uclouvai n.be/en-stat. html.



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