=== TwinTide Autumn Training School: Research Methods for Human-Computer Interaction (TUTOREM) ===

Date: 6th – 9th November 2012 (arrival on 5th November)
Venue: Hotel Kompas, Bled, Slovenia (http://www.kompashotel.com/index_en.php)
Website: http://www.le.ac.uk/compsci/people/elaw/tutorem

APPLICATION DEADLINE: 14th September 2012

The overarching goal of TUTOREM is to improve participants’ understanding of significant research methods commonly or increasingly used in the field of HCI. Such an enhanced understanding will enable them to select and combine appropriate research methods for their specific HCI projects and to contextualise them without unintended impacts on validity. While we recognise the importance of theories that inform the development of research methods, due to the time constraint no session is dedicated to HCI theories. Nevertheless, relevant theoretical frameworks will be addressed in individual sessions of TUTOREM, which consist of lectures, workshops and discussions. In addition, student participants will collaboratively work in small groups on a mini-project with the topic identified by the School’s lecturers.

Participants are expected to:
• develop a succinct overview of existing as well as emerging HCI research methods; • explore the relations between quantitative and qualitative research methods and their synergy in different research studies (i.e. mixed-method approaches); • gain knowledge and practical skills for several common, significant research methods in HCI, including survey design, statistical methods, interviews, and qualitative data analysis; • learn about research methods with increasing use and interest in HCI, including decision-making models, ethnographic approaches, and narrative-based methods; • reflect on critical issues when applying research methods, including fundamentals for PhD studies and research ethics; • expand research network of peers, laying the ground for future collaboration;

PhD students in HCI, who have a basic level of knowledge and skills in general research methods, including concepts in elementary statistics and experiences in user-based studies, and are at the first or second year of their doctoral studies, are eligible to apply for TUTOREM. The following documents are required for application:

• CV
• Supporting Statement (i.e., rationale for application, relevant background, list of publication, etc.)
• Recommendation letter from a supervisor
• Sources of funding
• Scholarship required (yes or no)

Successful candidates will be granted a scholarship of €300, which should be enough to cover the four-night accommodation (double room) and main meals during their stay in TUTOREM. Note that travel expenses will NOT be funded. All application documents should be sent as a zipped file labelled with your last name to Effie Law (e...@mcs.le.ac.uk) by 14th September 2012 (Friday). Each application will be reviewed. Notification of acceptance will be mailed to each applicant by 21st September 2012 (Friday). Maximum 30 students will be accepted.

Deadline for application submission: 14th September 2012
Notification to applicants: 21st September 2012
Deadline for registration: 1st October 2012
Date of arrival: 5th November 2012 (after 12:00)
Training school: 6th - 8th November 2012
Date of departure: 9th November 2012 (by 11:00)

Prof. Gilbert Cockton, Northumbria University, UK
Dr. Jettie Hoonhout, Philips Research
Dr. Siân Lindley, Microsoft Research
Prof. Paul van Schaik, Teesside University, UK
Prof. Bojan Srdjevic, University of Novi Sad, Serbia

Main Organizers:
Effie L-C Law, University of Leicester, UK/ETH Zurich, Switzerland
Gilbert Cockton, Northumbria University, UK

Local Organizers:
Matic Pipan, Tanja Arh, Jožef Stefan Institute, Slovenia

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