Global Game Jam Research Committee
Call for Proposals 2013

Academics, game industry professionals and enthusiasts, students, and all 
involved and/or interested in computer games are invited to submit research 
proposals to the Global Game Jam Research Committee.

The Global Game Jam (GGJ, is the world's largest 
game development activity ("game jam"). Every year since 2009 thousands of 
computer game enthusiasts participate in this 48-hour challenge to make games 
around the same theme. The event provides a unique opportunity to study and 
understand people, processes, and products; the three P's of game development 
to explore innovation, collaboration and experimentation. The GGJ Research 
Committee (GGJ-RC) is established to promote, facilitate, organize and conduct 
scientific and technical research activities related to Innovation, 
Experimentation and Collaboration within the context of the GGJ.

The research should be focused on various aspects of the GGJ, directly or 
indirectly. Samples projects from previous years can be found online 
( The scope includes but is not limited to:

     *   GGJ attendance: who and why?
     *   Learning in game jams
     *   Community building
     *   Game design issues in GGJ
     *   Methods and processes
     *   Tools and technologies
     *   GGJ Impacts

The research will be performed in conjunction with the GGJ 2013 that is 
scheduled for January 25-27, and the GGJ-RC will provide the followings to the 
*         Inclusion of research questions in the global surveys before and 
after the Jam
*         Access to anonymous game data for submitted projects
*         Consideration for publication on GGJ-RC website (if possible external 
workshops and special issue of a partner journal).

The process for submitting and performing the research is:
*         Proposal submission through EasyChair 
( no later than December 
1, 2012.
*         Review by committee based on relevance, feasibility, and contribution
*         Feedback and notification of acceptance by January 15, 2013.
*         Proposals will be posted to our website on January 20, 2013.
*         Performing the approved research with the committee help
*         Survey results will be delivered to researches by February 15, 2013.
*         Submission of research results (researchers can submit to other 
places or us) for review no later than June 1, 2013.
*         Publication of accepted research papers, some time in fall 2013.

Proposals should include:
*         Description of research objectives and process
*         Required help from the committee (survey, game data, etc). Questions 
to be included in the survey must be submitted.
*         CV for researchers
*         Evidence of approval by the Research Ethics Board if applicable

Join the GGJ-Research group:!forum/ggj-research

Ali Arya


Chair, Global Game Jam Research Committee,

Associate Professor, School of Information Technology, Carleton University, 

"You see things and say why,

I dream of things and say why not ..."


The Open University is incorporated by Royal Charter (RC 000391), an exempt 
charity in England & Wales and a charity registered in Scotland (SC 038302).
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