Sorry, muddled up my mail mechanisms. Such a thing should never happen to a 
PPIG-er. Here it is as text.

Richard Bornat


PPIG WIP January 2015: Call for Participation

The annual PPIG work-in-progress meeting will take place at Middlesex 
University on Thursday 8th January and Friday 9th January 2015. PPIG-WIP is a 
forum in which researchers at all levels can present and discuss future work, 
current work, recent results, findings and developments. Experienced 
researchers and practitioners, as well as doctoral students, are equally 
invited to participate.

We don’t have invited speakers in the usual sense — the meeting is intended to 
be an informal forum for discussion of your work — but Thomas Green may be 
prevailed upon to talk about Cognitive Dimensions in Content Management Systems 
if there is a lull in proceedings, and Marian Petre has volunteered as well 
either on ephemeral flaws or code reviews in software development.

One feature of the meeting will be a workshop on teaching programming: a 
perennial concern of PPIG and specially relevant at Middlesex, which is trying 
out an exciting new approach (details To Be Revealed at the meeting).

Registration is free, lunches (two of them) will be provided along with enough 
free coffee to float a battleship, but to aid calculation of numbers for 
catering etc., please email<> and tell us you are 
coming. We’ll give you travel information, exact place of meeting, 
accommodation information and so on, by reply.

We look forward to seeing you here.


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