I just got signed up on the list, thanks Chris! He suggested I post a
"hi" message.

My day job is Java, my degree was Math/CS (I've mostly forgotten the
Math), I wish I were learning things like Scala, Erlang, Clojure,
Haskell, et. al. rather than using boilerplate-heavy Java, I am a big
fan of user interfaces, user experience, usability (while I always was
a computer nerd, the original Mac + MacPaint was a watershed
experience), I am trying to learn more about Lean (I've done Scrum),
I'm a bit familiar with things like studies on how non-programmers do
debugging (as an undergrad I "worked" for Brad Myers, but before the
whyline thing, on Garnet stuff), I know that an awful lot of usability
is subjective, and I would like to now shut up and lurk and try to
imbibe the gestalt of the list.


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