> "Programmers find a programming language or paradigm 
> 'intuitive' to the degree that it resembles what they learned 
> first".

I believe educational literature and research would argue that 'Programmers
find a programming language or paradigm easier to learn to the degree that
they are able to link it with knowledge that they already possess'.
Bransford et al (2004) recommend utilising linking current learning with
existing background knowledge. My own experience in teaching imperative
programming was that it was easier if I could find programme examples from
the real world that I could link with imperative programming ideas. I
haven't had less success in finding suitable examples for the
object-oriented paradigm.

Bransford, J. D., Brown, A. L., & Cocking, R. R. (Eds.). (2000). How people
learn: brain, mind, experience, and school (Expanded Edition ed.).
Washington: National Academy Press.

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