My university library doesn't have it, but the catalog does list the
table of contents with author names. I guess it's the book you're
talking about, although the catalog only lists Hoc as the editor.

Psychology of programming

Author: Jean-Michel Hoc; European Association of Cognitive Ergonomics.; et al
Publisher: London : Academic, ©1990.

Theoretical and methodological issues. Programming, programming
languages and programming methods / C. Pair --
The nature of programming / T.R.G. Green --
The tasks of programming / Nancy Pennington and Beatrice Grabowski --
Human cognition and programming / Tom Ormerod --
Methodological issues in the study of programming / David J. Gilmore --
Language design and acquisition of programming. Expert programmers and
programming languages / Marian Petre --
Programming languages as information structures / T.R.G. Green --
Language semantics, mental models and analogy / Jean-Michel Hoc and
Anh Nguyen-Xuan --
Acquisition of programming knowledge and skills / Janine Rogalski and
Renan Samurçay --
Programming languages in education : the search for an easy start /
Patrick Mendelsohn, T.R.G. Green and Paul Brna --
Expert programming skills and job aids. Expert programming knowledge :
a schema-based approach / Françoise Détienne --
Expert programming knowledge : a strategic approach / David J. Gilmore.
Expert software design strategies / Willemien Visser and Jean-Michel Hoc --
Broader issues. The psychology of programming in the large : team and
organizational behavior / Bill Curtis and Diane Walz --
Research and practice : software design methods and tools / Barbara
Kitchenham and Roland Carn.

Chris Bogart

On Fri, May 21, 2010 at 9:16 AM, Alan Blackwell
<> wrote:
> I would like to collect a full set of the chapters from the
> Hoc, Green, Samurcay & Gilmore book 'Psychology of Programming'.
> I have a vague memory that this might have been proposed on the
> PPIG list before (perhaps even by me?), but can't find any result
> among the PPIG site resources.
> The reason for this request is that I will be teaching a
> Masters-level course on usability of programming languages in the
> coming year, for which I think this is the best possible
> textbook. The original book has been out of press for many
> years, so it would be very difficult for my students to gain
> access to it other than via electronic copies.
> 30 minutes with Google has determined that Francoise Detienne has
> placed her chapter online (thanks Francoise!), but I couldn't
> find any others.
> In absence of actual text, I would be very grateful for:
>  - contact with authors of the original chapters; or
>  - current email addresses of the authors; or even
>  - file containing the table of contents with author names.
> Cheers,
> Alan
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