Hi all,

I've made a prototype visual language based on Haskell for improvising
techno music:

The idea is to have a visual language based solely on text entry --
all you can do is put words on the screen, and move them about.
Operands are then applied according to Euclidean distance and
type-compatibility, and visually notated by the software as connecting
lines.  As it is based on Haskell, it has automatic currying and
strict types, which together make this approach feasible in allowing
terse, unambiguous programs.  I've tried to relate the automatic
currying in the visual notation, and am happy with the results.

I struggle a bit in the video -- partly because I restricted the
window size for the screencast, partly because I've not used it very
much...  Also perhaps because of inherent flaws in my idea, but we
will see :)

Comments, including pointers to prior art are very much appreciated.
I do intend to give it a better name than 'Text' at some point by the

Best wishes,



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