Dear Alan,

Appreciate the nice effort. Very useful indeed.

List members may remember that I asked for pointers to online
chapters from the (now out of print) book "Psychology of
Programming" by J.-M. Hoc, T.R.G. Green, R. Samurcay and D.J.
Gilmore (Eds) (1990).

Based on responses to that request, the course reading page for
my Usability of Programming Languages course now includes links
to most chapters of the book.

I've done this with permission from Jean-Michel, Thomas and
David. Needless to say, this is only for educational and research
use, since copyright remains with the publishers. I would welcome
links to updated versions of individual chapters from the
authors, if those were available.

Thanks to Chuck Knutson, Chris Bogart, Andrew Walenstein, Clendon
Gibson and Robin Jeffries for advice and assistance.


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