On 19 Mar 2011, at 09:55, Stefano Federici wrote:

what I claim is the easiest programming environment ever designed so far).

Er, yes. You might need to restrict what you mean by 'programming' ..... I regard using spreadsheets as programming. But Scratch is very good at its job, to be sure.

I take it then that you're trying to out-do Scratch.

Does this sound reasonable?

Yes, it's probably the best you can do. I think the worst threat to generalisability is probably the risk of 'experimenter effect', where the students do better in the group that you want to do better. I don't know how to minimise that risk. If Sally Fincher or Mark Guzdial is listening, or anyone else with a good knowledge of these issues, I hope they'll join in.

Good luck! Make sure to tell us how it goes.


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