John Domingue wrote:
> I'm looking for pointers to how much time and cost is associated with
> producing software code.

I am somewhat flumoxed by this question. What kind of an answer were
you expecting?

The time to produce code can depend on:

- what one is trying to build
- what it's built from
- development methodology used
- business model
- size of the team
- the skill of the developer(s)
- regulatory requirements
- the number of client changes accommodated
- the deadline

In addition, cost depends on:

- developer salaries
- company overheads

This assumes it's software developed for profit. Open-source
software is different.

The price quoted to the client is something else entirely.

Similar "it depends" questions are: how much time and cost is associated
with making a film / a meal / a school ?

Paola (with help from Frank)

P.S. The discussion of actual prices or rates could be considered
price-fixing and is therefore discouraged. See

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