With respect to the UI portion...
Here is a paper by Myers and Rosson from 1992:

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> hi,
> along the lines of a thought i've had of late "why is there so much
> *code*!?", i wonder if anybody has tired to study programs and
> categorize the source code into purposes, so we could get a feel for
> what kinds of complexities are all mixed up in our systems? i have
> done cursory google searching, but it didn't immediately turn up
> anything obviously appropriate based on titles. i.e. i'm wondering how
> much code can be attributed to:
> * wiring data through, components together.
> * control flow.
> * managing namespaces.
> * dealing with errors of all ilk, those can be categories in and of
> themselves.
> * user interface.
> * concurrency.
> * typing.
> * yadda yadda yadda
> there's probably a fair bit of overlap in the semantics/purposes/goals
> of those, making categorization more nuanced?
> thanks and apologies if i missed an obvious paper!
> sincerely.
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