Keith Whittington at Rochester Institute of Technology (Rochester, NY, USA) 
 has done some good work using creative active learning techniques to 
motivate  students, teach programming, and encourage discussion and class 
Several years ago I had an opportunity to interview some of his students,  
and they were very enthusiastic about his approach to teaching introductory  
-- Susan Rothwell
Adjunct Instructor, Finger Lakes Community College
Ph.D. Candidate, Syracuse University
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I teach programming to students who do not really know  why they came
into the course called business informatics, who are not  really versed
in mathematics and, possibly because of these, are not  motivated to do
hard work grasping the concepts and to hack a lot. I feel  that they
are not fond of problem solving, even in the everyday sense: some  of
them do not care if they meet a problem,  just give up.

I  guess some of you were faced to this problem, so ask: how can I
motivate  these students?

What is a must to read on this topic?

-  Gergely

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