Dear PPIG colleagues,

I saw the copy for the following event that some UK based PPIG members might be 
interested in:

Notation, patterns and new discoveries
Dr Colin Wright
Thursday 23 January 2014, 6pm, Museum of London

While ideas are undoubtedly more important and mere notations, the power of a 
good notation cannot be over-stated.  As an example of this, in the mid-1980s a 
notation was developed for juggling tricks.  It was found when using this 
notation that there were hitherto unexpected connections between existing 
tricks, and emerging patterns in the notation suggested the existence of new, 
previously unknown tricks.  These in turn led to new ways of thinking about, 
teaching and learning existing tricks, as well as providing new material on 
which to build.

More information is available from here:

Although it's not strictly about computing and psychology (it seems to be more 
about juggling), there is a distinct connection between a certain important 
thread that goes through our sub-discipline.

(The last time I went to a Gresham College lecture, they had free wine... I'm 
not saying that they will have any free wine at this lecture, but I'm just 
saying.  Also, if anyone is interested in going, do give me a shout).

Kind regards,

Chris Douce
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