Hi Derek,

A good question, I should certainly add a "what is live coding" page
on the website!

I recommend a browse around the TOPLAP website (http://toplap.org/) to
get a feel for the kind of activities that go on in this community.
Music performance is a preoccupation, but there is also a lot of
activity in education, video animation, choreography and software

But really live coding is a community and a set of techniques, and it
depends. My own preferred way of live coding is either in a nightclub
setting, with people dancing to my code (see http://algorave.com), or
in an improvised jazz situation where I'm coding alongside a

This Dagstuhl report is probably the best intro to the state of the art:

Here's some links to media coverage:

That said, live coding at a hackathon is exactly what I'll be doing
this weekend:

There are sometimes time limits for live coding, for example in Mexico
City they have events where people live code music from scratch, for
around 5 minutes at a time.

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On 7 January 2015 at 14:29, Derek M Jones <de...@knosof.co.uk> wrote:
> Alex,
>> More information, and the call for papers and performances, is available
>> here:
>>    http://iclc.livecodenetwork.org/
> Excuse my ignorance, but what happens at a live coding event?
> Is it like a hackathon, except the code is displayed on a screen?
> Do people get, say, 2 minutes to write something?
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