Dear Huang,

This quote suggests that you are considering personality as orthogonal to
cognition.  Is this so, and, if so, what is to be gained by doing so,

The general view is that cognition is the set of engines that get driven
by higher level functions, such as personality.

This simplistic model is complicated by the interactions and mutual
feedback between components.  I will leave it to others to stick their
neck's out and put numbers to the level of interaction.


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Dear Colleagues,

I thought you would be interested in *what types of human factors
influence programming errors*. We recently did a systematic review and
conducted a controlled experiment to examine this problem. Some interesting
findings were obtained. The paper is published on *Science of Computer
Programming*. You may access it through the following link:


I'm allowed to share the acceptance version with friends and colleagues,
please see the attached file.

We are now conducting extending research on this topic. Your comments and
advice are welcomed.

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