Google Groups vs. Yahoo vs. ?

What do you use to run mailing lists? When PPIG first started, we used 

In replacing the PPIG site last month, the mailing lists moved to a new 
location too.

I thought that using Google Groups would be a good idea because my local 
Toastmasters club uses it. However, I’m finding it a huge pain in several ways.

It blocks certain domains from posting, such as
you can’t set someone to be a list Manager if they don’t have a Google account
I can’t set a welcome message (as Yahoo Groups)
I can’t set a periodical list protocol message (as Yahoo Groups)

If any of you have used Google Groups and Yahoo Groups, is one better? Or is 
there an even better solution out there?

[The rest of the message is a duplicate of what I sent to PPIG Announce]

Strict moderation

Unlike the youthful innocence of the Internet 28 years ago when PPIG was 
founded, we are now in an age of overflowing inboxes and spambots.

I have therefore set both PPIG lists as ask-to-join. And, from now one, except 
for the core PPIG team, the first messages posted by new subscribers will be 

Seeing messages twice?

If you receive this message twice, it’s because you are subscribed to the list 
with two addresses.

You can keep both subscribed (to post from) but set only one address to receive 
mail (the alternative is to read messages on the Google forum).

I’m happy to sort this out for you if you let me know what addresses you’re 
subscribed with (in the mail header?). Or just mail me and I’ll try to find the 
dupes in the address list.


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