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> Have you noticed the official retraction of "the camel has 2 humps", a
> good comment bu "retraction watch" on that fact, and that very "smart"
> (lol) paper by Jeff Atwood (of coding horror) about the story:

Jeff Atwood's article is dated 2006, after the original paper. The
retraction in 2014.

That said, the original article was obviously bad science anyway. A simple
alternative hypothesis to explain the same evidence: some people came into
the class with more knowledge of programming, and the teacher allowed the
others to fall further behind.

> My comment: How easy it is to confirm our ideologies (here meritocracy =
> elitism = aristocracy) by scientific research (or what we call so).

Not just scientific evidence or data. People tend to read whatever
interpretation they want into scripture and anything else. The difference
is that science demands empirical evidence that can be independently
studied, and falsifiable theories, such that 'bad science' is less likely
to survive from one generation to another.

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