I thought this might be of interest to some of you.

The subject of digital addiction and limiting technologies came up at the PPIG 
conference last week.


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> From: William Odom <wo...@sfu.ca>
> Subject: Participate in survey on experiences with technology ‘limiting’ 
> applications
> Date: 20 July 2015 00:08:43 BST
> To: chi-...@listserv.acm.org
> Reply-To: William Odom <wo...@sfu.ca>
> I am sending this request on behalf of a team of academic researchers at 
> Simon Fraser University in Vancouver B.C. and the University of Calgary. We 
> are conducting a survey of people’s experiences with digital applications 
> that enable them to limit, block, or manage their own access to online 
> services (e.g., social media, incoming calls, the internet entirely). Our 
> survey is brief and aimed at eliciting open-ended responses. If you use or 
> have used any applications like this (e.g., Freedom, Antisocial, Facebook 
> Limiter, iPhone Do Not Disturb, Rescue Time, etc.) perhaps you would consider 
> taking our brief survey? Maybe you would even be so kind as to forward our 
> survey link to anyone else you know that uses any of these applications?  :)
> survey link: http://clab.iat.sfu.ca/freedom/ <http://clab.iat.sfu.ca/freedom/>
> Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any questions or 
> would like us to provide any additional information. Thanks very much for 
> your consideration.
> All the best,
> Dr. William Odom
> Banting Fellow
> School of Interactive Arts + Technology
> Simon Fraser University
> www.willodom.com <http://www.willodom.com/>

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