Yes, I sorta hope we all know & can understand that this is subjective
stuff. Too sad it is rare that head hunters / career counselors /
managers know that / expend the energy to figure it out. And
furthermore it is always possibly in flux. What I liked doing 10 mins
ago isn't always the same thing I like now.

However, we can take stabs at things which might either get in the way
of some kinds of fun, or perhaps at least have a smaller cadre of
people who think it is fun. When systems do not work and you have to
figure out why and try to fix them, that often can get in the way of
"core fun" for a person. Still, some folks do get off on attacking
such things, possibly even as their major time & effort in life.
Vice-versa, if everything "just worked" then would those people not
have anything fun left to do?! :-}

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