Are you aware of any specific issues related to teaching CS (programing) to
1st year university students having had some significant introduction to
programing at school? I have heard of the Design and Technology curricula

Are you particularly interested in any particular issue?

   o the large number of bad habits students have picked up because
they have been so poorly taught (schools are having a very hard time
attracting teachers who know anything about programming because other
jobs pay better and have other attractions),

   o students who know a lot more about programming than the lecturers
(not hard since CS does not reward programming skill).

I guess there are likely to be many more students in the first category
than the second.

for KS3 pupils in UK so there might be some PPIGers in this situation?
Since french students will have a similar curriculum in the near future, I
wondered about the changes that may have to be done in programing lectures
for CS students at the university.

Any facts or ideas? Are any topics to be emphasized or any specific issues?

Thanks in advance,

Catherine Letondal

Derek M. Jones           Software analysis
tel: +44 (0)1252 520667

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