1) Why are there 2 lists? Is this supposed to be a group that
understands usability / user experience / information architecture at
all? :-)

2) Why when I go to http://www.ppig.org/ I have a heck of a time
finding anything about what mailing lists there are? I can find it if
I do a search for 'mailing list' in the search box at least.

2a) Why is the search box so much of a wall flower? In this day and
age, search should be like the most in your face feature of any web
site I dare say. (Unless of course the search is powered by some
utterly useless bad engine.)

3) Also, what is the whole User Login / Create Account thing here?
What does it get me? Why would I need it? Etc.

4) That's just in the first 60 seconds.

5) Can I volunteer to make a redo of the front page at least as a straw man?

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