Raoul Duke wrote:

> 1) Why are there 2 lists?

You were asking about the open.ac.uk and ppig.org mailing lists.

The open.ac.uk lists were replaced when I took over the web site and mailing 
lists (again). I’ve maintained the PPIG web site and managed the mailing lists 
off an on for eight years. As volunteers, we do the best we can with the 
resources available to us.

> 1) Why are there 2 lists?

In fact, there are still two mailing lists: the moderated announcement mailing 
list and the moderated discussion mailing list.

> Is this supposed to be a group that understands usability / user experience / 
> information architecture at all? :-)

Is the tone of this and your other questions from a fake-name (?) account 
supposed to be helpful at all?

> 2) Why when I go to http://www.ppig.org/ I have a heck of a time
> finding anything about what mailing lists there are? I can find it if
> I do a search for 'mailing list' in the search box at least.

Search is what people used a) when people are pressed for time and b) 
navigation is lacking.

The page about the mailing lists is two clicks from the home page (it’s a child 
page of About PPIG).

I have looked at the secondary navigation with an objective eye and agree that 
it wasn’t obvious. I’ve moved the secondary menu to the right-hand column in 
larger text.

> 2a) Why is the search box so much of a wall flower? In this day and
> age, search should be like the most in your face feature of any web
> site I dare say. (Unless of course the search is powered by some
> utterly useless bad engine.)

That was the default Drupal styling. I’ve moved search to the top of the 
right-hand column, minimising decoration and maximising size.

> 3) Also, what is the whole User Login / Create Account thing here?
> What does it get me? Why would I need it? Etc.

You have to be logged in to leave comments on content. You also have to be 
logged in to edit the site.

I’ve moved the login form to the header.

> 5) Can I volunteer to make a redo of the front page at least as a straw man?

You can volunteer, sure.

However, for me to take any notice, you need to send doughnuts.


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