On 28/04/16 6:15 PM, Gergely Buday wrote:
Then I suggest to look at


Please.  Don't try to teach your grandfather to suck eggs.
I've had mlton on my machines since the first release came out.
What part of that web page do you think has ANY RELEVANCE
WHATEVER to what I'm talking about?  Is it the "ann" entries?
Those annotations are for the *compiler*, not for *people*.
"Annotations allow a library author to control options that affect
the elaboration of SML source files."
About relations: you look for some specification language, when you state the governing rules of the methods to each other. That brings program verification of some sort.
Yes, but if you know of such a specification language, please tell me where
to find it. While I think program verification in general is interesting, that's
not what this project is about.  It's all about making it easier for people
(me, of course, but I don't mind if others are helped (:-)) to understand.
"Governing rules" aren't what it's about.  It's *relationships* like
"<this> is a special case of <that> for <reason>", or
"<that> breaks <something> up and <this> reconstitutes it".
Or, some literate programming you strive for, but Real Programmers are reluctant to do that.

I've addressed that in another reply. Literate programming is great, but what
use is something people don't use?  And literate programming makes modules
even *bigger* and *more* in need of structural annotation.

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