> Richard,
>> I've been thinking for some time of writing a paper with the
>> title "Why can't I see the structure?" based on the idea that
>> modules in every programming language I know look like blobs.
> The most obvious answer is lack of practice:
> http://shape-of-code.coding-guidelines.com/2016/03/24/habits-are-the-peripheral-vision-of-the-mind/

The answer is obvious, simple, and wrong.

I'm talking about languages I've had *LOTS* of practice in.
I may be an academic, but I spend a lot of time reading and
writing code.  And not enough time writing papers, sigh.
But at least when I talk to students about programming I am talking about
something I put a good deal of time into.

In the last year I wrote about 30 kSLOC.

I've had responses from practitioners that they see the same

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