> I'm surprised this isn't a solved problem.

The true state of the UX of programming (from error messages to language
syntax to tooling to ui to version control, to anything and everything) is
a clear indictment of the entire enterprise. Well, at least when it comes
to industry. For the large part. Some of it is due to the fact that 99.9%
of all people in tech / on Earth have no clue about UX -- wouldn't know
good UX if it gave them a backrub. Public schools and definitely higher ed
should give out free signed copies of The Design of Everyday Things.

Speaking in broad terms (I don't know anything at all about the insides of
Python), my guess is that one of the major reasons this isn't a solved
problem is that it isn't just about editing the error message text in some
stand-alone file. The way errors happen is such that a lot of the
information you'd want to have available in order to construct a really
good error message is simply not available at that point in time in the
system where/when the error is detected. It is a long standing fundamental
problem that people still tend to use lexx and yacc and lookalikes.

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