Hello all,

I am a research student working on improving the usability of security 
APIs. In my research, I am planning to conduct usability evaluation for 
security APIs using the methodology Clarke (2004) described. However, when 
I searched through literature, I could only found parts of the 
questionnaire, but could not found the complete questionnaire.

If there is a generic Cognitive Dimensions based questionnaire for 
evaluating usability of APIs, can someone please point me into that.

Thanks in advance.

Best Regards!

   1. S. Clarke. Measuring api usability. Doctor Dobbs Journal, 
   29(5):S1-S5, 2004
   2. S. Clarke, “Evaluating a new programming language,” in 13th Workshop 
   of the Psychology of Programming Interest Group, 2001, pp. 275–289

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