Github user aweisberg commented on a diff in the pull request:
    --- Diff: src/java/org/apache/cassandra/net/ ---
    @@ -1664,4 +1676,113 @@ public static boolean 
isEncryptedConnection(InetAddressAndPort address)
             return true;
    +    public void blockForPeers()
    +    {
    +        // TODO make these yaml props?
    +        int alivePercent = Integer.getInteger(Config.PROPERTY_PREFIX + 
"blockForPeers.percent", 70);
    +        if (alivePercent < 0)
    --- End diff --
    I don't like silently clamping any of them. If you feel strongly about 
upper bounding aliveTimeoutSecs it's the closest to being OK because the DB 
still comes up and is reliable at up to 100 seconds and most of the time it 
won't wait that long since it will get to 70%. If someone sets a value higher 
than that we "know" it's not useful so clamping it doesn't hurt them.


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