Github user zznate commented on a diff in the pull request:
    --- Diff: 
src/java/org/apache/cassandra/cql3/statements/ ---
    @@ -267,12 +267,18 @@ public boolean updatesRegularRows()
             // columns is if we set some static columns, and in that case no 
             // columns should be given. So in practice, it's enough to check 
if we have
             // either the table has no clustering or if it has at least one of 
them set.
    -        return metadata().clusteringColumns().isEmpty() || 
    +        return !metadata().isVirtual() &&
    --- End diff --
    nit: why use the method if we have it locally (and it's public anyhoo). The 
object reference is being used elsewhere herein already. 


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