I am Mrs.Anita Powel  the Administrative manager at a vault of  financial & 
security Institute in Madrid, I am contacting you as regards an abandoned sum 
of 12.9 Million Us dollars (Twelve million nine hundred thousand United State 
dollars) in our safe deposit vault, that belongs to one of our foreign 
customers, a citizen of your country that share the same surname with you, who 
died along with his entire family on the 11th march 2009 in a ghastly motor 
accident in Porto Portugal.

 The banking policy can only allow the release of such funds to a benefactor 
through an application as next of kin to the deceased. After his death, the 
bank has been expecting a possible beneficiary, but nobody came for the claim, 
this institute has exploited all its ethical possibilities in other to contact  
possible relation or inheritor, but no success, I have made my own research 
with the help of private investigator, it is my knowledge that this man has 
been living in Barcelona for the past 19 years and has never returned back 
home. I also leant that his wife and 7 year old daughter died with him during 
this accident, However because of the international financial crises, a lot of 
reform has been made within the Spanish financial system; this includes the new 
law on succession/claims which indicates a duration in which such inheritance 
could be tolerated, con

I will strongly recommed you to contact me for further details through my email 
details: as regards on how you and me can make a legal 
claim to the funds in question, Please keep this very confidential and do not 
discuss it with any one. I GUARANTEE you that this process would be executed 
under a legitimate arrangement that would legally protect you from any breach 
of law, i shall await your response.

Best Regard,
Mrs. Anita Powel.

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