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On 16.03.2009, at 19:30, Ross Patterson wrote:

Ross Patterson <> writes:

You got it!  The 3.6.0 release of zope.testing refactored the large file into a testrunner/ package.  I've put a
'zope.testing>=3.6' requirement into

I just tried running the collective.coreloadtests buildout and found
that I had to remove the docutils egg requirement from the funkload.cfg file. It maybe that this is specific to my environment or otherwise may
break things for others.  Can you check?

it works fine for me with the docutils dependency. however, i have added a buildout config to funkload trunk (after consulting with benoit) and have split it up into a minimal and full version:

perhaps it would make sense to move the docutils dependency from minimal into the full version, as AFAIK it's only needed to generate reports.

Also, if my change fixes
something, it maybe that we should remove it from the buildout config in

what was the error you experienced? i'm reluctant to leave it out, because AFAIR it's also required to generate html reports, not just the rtf versions.

Secondly, I can't get the collective.funkload tests to run anymore.
They just seem to hang.  Can you get them to run?

me neither, however, i get a ImportError: No module named Zope.Startup after re-running buildout and firing up the tests with

./bin/instance test -s collective.loadtesting -v -v --nowarn

how did you run them?

When was the last
time they ran for you?

in bristol at the sprint, i'm afraid :)

i have used funkload extensively (with pretty good success) over the past weeks^Wmonths, but haven't done so in the context of collective.loadtesting. i used a checkout from trunk itself with a custom buildout instead and contributed some stuff back to funkload itself.

i think we should concentrate on funkload trunk now and prepare a release of 1.9.1 (benoit is fine with us doing that, there's not much activity atm).

then we should focus on getting collective.loadtesting back on the road again...

how's that sound?




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