Have you looked at Plex and it's new DVR feature, requires a Silicon Dust 
Receiver and a subscription to Plex Pass.

> On 18 Oct 2016, at 15:44, "v...@optonline.net" <v...@optonline.net> wrote:
> Ken,
> Years ago - on my last version of the TiVo box I used - there was a way to DL 
> some of the programming to your PC. But, you were limited to only certain 
> ones that the networks would allow you to do this with. This way - I could 
> view some of my TV shows on my laptop whilst commuting on the train. However, 
> I don't think I was ever able to actually Edit those videos - only view them 
> with the viewer that was distributed by TiVo.
> That being said - there used to be (and I think there STILL Is) - special 
> video cards which you can use to view TV on your PC. But, not sure if with 
> that you could edit videos. But, maybe you can. May be worth a look...
> -K-
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> From: "Ken Kixmoeller (ProFox)" 
> Date: Monday, October 17, 2016 5:33 pm
> Subject: [NF] Save Video from cable TV
> To: profoxt...@leafe.com
>> Hey - --
>> Because of my famous dog 
>> (https://www.instagram.com/caninehappyhour/), I
>> need to be able to:
>> -- record live (cable) TV, and
>> -- gain access to the files in order to edit them.
>> We aren't big TV folks, and we have never had a DVR. I'd be 
>> willing to buy
>> an inexpensive one, but shopping and Googling confuses the heck 
>> out of me.
>> For example i see these:
>> --
>> https://www.amazon.com/AVerMedia-EzRecorder-Definition-Recording-
>> ER130/dp/B00LAP3GC8I see I have to add my own USB hard disk 
>> (which I have). Would that do it?
>> Slingbox:
>> -- https://www.amazon.com/Sling-Media-SB375-100-Slingbox-
>> M2/dp/B011QHAOWOWould that do it?
>> Also:
>> https://www.amazon.com/Hauppauge-1212-Definition-Personal-
>> Recorder/dp/B0018LX0DYPVR? Personal Video Recorder?
>> Comcast is our provider. Is there a way to do this without additional
>> hardware?
>> I need to record stuff Thursday & Friday.
>> Anybody willing to give me a kick me in the right direction?
>> Ken
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