I have been using Armadillo aka Software Passport for years.  I do not know
of any protection issues but my distribution to clients is limited - in the
couple dozen range.

When I bought, it was purchased as 32 or 64 bit.  That depended on the
source machine, not the target.


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On 2016-12-01 06:27, Ted Roche wrote:
> Agree. Depends on the level of security you want/need. Compiling
> encrypted is enough to deter most. Nearly all Fox EXE / DLL can be
> decrypted, so if you *really* need it secure, look to a 3rd party
> solution, or move the secure parts off the client's machine and
> require them to contact a web resource you control so they can't
> access it.

I recall somebody mentioning Armadillo to protect your EXEs in the past 
(from reverse engineering):  

ReFox also offers protection:  http://www.refox.net/-overview.html

Can you think of any other tool preferable to use for protecting your 
deployed apps?

Any comments on the two mentioned above?


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