Long time...  So, if things have not changed, you get the 64 bit and encrypt
in your environment.  The client environment does not matter.

Years ago I researched encryption very hard and went with Software Passport.
I had some quirky problems with Win 7-32 and the developer helped resolve
them.  It hurts to see a good product fail.


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On 2016-12-01 11:44, Carl Lindner wrote:
> Mike,
> I have been using Armadillo aka Software Passport for years.  I do not 
> know of any protection issues but my distribution to clients is 
> limited - in the couple dozen range.
> When I bought, it was purchased as 32 or 64 bit.  That depended on the 
> source machine, not the target.
> Carl

Thanks, Carl.  My machines are 64-bit, but I'm sure some clients out there
still have 32-bit.

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