Thanks, Paul. I appreciate the response.

That implies that if a specific VPN client is required, it has to be installed 



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On 22 February 2018 at 17:45, Richard Kaye <> wrote:
> Throwing this out to the wisdom of the crowd. For many, many years we have 
> been doing some data interchange in our VFP application between back office 
> DBs (VFP or SQL) and a centrally located SQL DB via ODBC. The question has 
> been raised about encrypting that traffic by going through a VPN tunnel. I 
> was wondering if anyone here has implemented a VPN on the fly before making 
> ODBC requests. Preferably I could only make this connection when I need it as 
> opposed to firing up a VPN before the application starts as most things done 
> by the program do not require this data interchange.

Depends on your VPN client.

You can open a Windows PPTP VPN by executing a command..
Something like: rasdial "vpn name" username password

The other option is a SSH tunnel.  Probably requires a Linux server at
the other end.
We used to do this in one of our products but last week switched to https.
(or some other IPsec, haven't had a chance to look at it yet).


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