Looks interesting thanks Richard I will check it out.

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I've been using this one for a bit. 100% pure VFP.




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It seems like everyone has to write one once. Most frameworks I've worked have 
have one built in somewhere.

There's one in the leafe.com downloads at https://leafe.com/dls/vfp -- search 
for calendar

There's one posted on the Fox wiki:

Or, you can just write your own that works the way you want it to.
It's fun, it's easy, it's something you know the rules for, and it will work 
exactly the way you want it to. Eventually.

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> Get Outlook for iOS<https://aka.ms/o0ukef> 
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> From: Chris Davis
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> Subject: Date / Date Time Picker Class
> Can anyone recommend one which just works and is 100% VFP?
> I have tried the one from Sweet Potato but this seems to have a READ EVENTS 
> in the code somewhere which stops the calendar appearing on first click.
> I have also tried the ones in FoxyClasses but these are not 100% VFP and do 
> some odd things when bound to a field in a view.
> Thanks
> Chris.
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