... and one more thing to add to what Richard said about APPEND FROM:

When APPEND FROM was created, in dBase/CPM times (1979), SQL syntax did not
exist, so did not get implemented in any language, at least until 1986, far
later than dBase.

El jue., 12 abr. 2018 4:16, Richard Kaye <rk...@invaluable.com> escribió:

> APPEND FROM is xBase. As others mentioned, it wants the physical file and
> a cursor is a temp file buried in your temp directory using sys(2015) to
> create the file name. The SQL SELECT doesn't care about the location of the
> physical file since you already have it open.
> --
> rk
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> >You could try
> >
> >APPEND FROM DBF(alimport)
>        [whack object="hand" target="forehead"]  I have used it in the
> past, just not very often.  When I checked my code, I searched for
> "append from (" instead of just "append from".  Sometimes, 90% of the
> battle is knowing what to look for.
>       I ended up using
> <vfp>
> insert into (this.thiscode+"_cwkt") select * from (alimport)
> </vfp>
>       I am puzzled why (alimport) works for the SQL but not the
> append from, but whatever.
> [snip]
> Sincerely,
> Gene Wirchenko
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