I've been using FoxyPreviewer v299z30 for quite a while and I've never had
any problem with it. However, this week I was alerted by a new client it was
taking about 4 minutes to create a 3 or 4 page report. I had them delete the
FoxUser files to see if there was a problem there (there wasn't) and
ultimately, I had them rename the .app file to see how it worked without
FoxyPreviewer and report generation was much faster. 


My questions are: 1) Is there a later version that I can download somewhere?
2) Has anyone else run into the slow performance issue because I can't
replicate it on my system. 


PS: I tried downloading the Codeplex archive, but didn't get too far with it
because I couldn't tell what version of FoxyPreviewer was included. 






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