My Facebook connection class is finished but....

Facebook now requires applications to be reviewed by an FB technician and to
do that the app must be on the Windows Shop, you must indicate the Url and
SID of the App in the windows Shop. My application is not in the store, for
this I have to certify it first.

I think that all this is a consequence of the latest news about leaks of
information on Facebook

If you are still interested, I will publish the code that, of course, works.

Jose Enrique Llopis

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YES !! Please share when you have it updated !!

Thanks so much

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The connection class form, sorry in spanish


My real estate app has code to connect to FaceBook, Google drive, Azure,...,
i'm now rewriting the Facebook gateway, I will try to share it when

Jose Enrique Llopis

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Interesting Thread you started!

To be honest - I heard a while ago from this one person that you could use
some kind of programming to do social media marketing via FaceBook. 
Some way to spread the word about something via FB. But, I have no idea how
to do it - and I certainly could use that technique some time soon!


On 3/7/2018 9:00 PM, Kent Belan wrote:
> Hello,
> Does anyone have code to create a facebook post from your VFP9 app 
> preferably with a picture ?
> Thanks,
> Kent
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