On 16/04/2018 17:17, Desmond Lloyd wrote:
Good Morning,

Need to be able to copy the contents of a cursor to an Excel file,  but it
needs to be in the xlsx.

Am a newbie to Excel Automation and have read that you can saveas,  and it
will save in the latest format.  Well mine doesn't.  oworkbook.version
shows 16. (we are running Office 365)

Tried the SweetPotato method but it errors out.   Not sure why.

Would someone be kind enough to point me in the right direction,  with some
possible examples...

You can copy the contents of the cursor out to .xls only using the standard COPY TO ... TYPE XL5 Then you can use automation to create an .XLSX file.   I'm using office 365 but I am on version 15 so slightly older so you should be able to create an .XLSX file with your version.

#include include\excel.h
oExcel = CREATEOBJECT('excel.application')
cOutfile2 = 'myfilev2.xlsx'
objexcel.ActiveWorkbook.SaveAs(cOutfile2, xlOpenXMLWorkbook)

In excel.h xlOpenXMLWorkbook is 51



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