Hi All

I am running a routine which continually repeats a query from an ODBC source to 
sync some data.

There seems to be a problem with the driver that over time the  .EXE I have 
created takes up more and more memory until it goes bang.

If I change this to query from a different source requiring a different driver 
I don’t have an issue (i.e. I’m happy it’s not me 😊 )

I would like to keep the EXE running rather than scheduling it to run close run 
close etc.  As I have a log on the screen showing a visual status of the query 
and when it was last completed.

I am now thinking there must be an easy way to fire off this query in a 
different datasession or thread so that any problems caused by the ODBC driver 
are lost after each execution, any brilliant ideas?



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