Do your boss a favor...tell him about WINDOWS+M which will reduce (not close!) all open windows from the desktop.


Kurt at VR-FX wrote:
Here at work - and even on my personal PC - I may have anywhere between 7 to 10 Explorer windows open. I keep them open to current directories of projects I am working on. Of course - it drives me INSANE when my boss comes into the shop - gets onto  the co. work laptop I mostly work on - and Shuts down ALL my Explorer Windows!!!



On 9/6/2019 10:06 AM, Gene Wirchenko wrote:
At 06:35 2019-09-06, Richard Kaye <> wrote:
Yeah. But I still like them in the same container. Like the old Norton product.

     The advantage of having multiple windows is that you can have even more directory displays if you want.  I occasionally work with three directories.


Gene Wirchenko

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